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Kannewischer Collection

In 1994 we extended our range of services to the operational management of thermal baths. Since then we have benn successfully operating the Caracalla Therme and the historical Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden. The experience gained here enabled us to conclude further customised operating agreements and to establish the "Kannewischer Collection".

Bathing culture and quality

The Kannewischer Collection consists of several selected, market-leading thermal baths, each with its own characteristics, providing health care, relaxation and wellbeing for our visitors.

All our thermal spas are based on an established corporate philosophy: The four cornerstones of perfect relaxation.

The 4 cornerstones of perfect relaxation

Our corporate philosophy


  • To be the leading wellness service provider of the best thermal spa in your area.


  • We are experts for well-being, regeneration and staying healthy.
  • Our thermal spas are genuine, attractive thermal baths with precious thermal spring water.
  • We are committed to the tradition of thermal spring water and offer you an extensive range of treatments and activities to select from.
  • We are a private equity company directly managed by the owners.


  • Customer orientation
  • Quality of service (competent, friendly, obliging, reliable)
  • Commitment to our products
  • Cleanliness and sanitariness
  • Constant improvement/Error management culture
  • Reliability and honesty
  • Focus on long-term success
  • Commitment to performance
  • Humaneness
  • Openness and communication


  • Happy guests are our best advertisement.
  • Our guests can only relax in utmost cleanliness and in a perfect ambience.
  • All our activities serve our guests.
  • The working environment and the type of work make our jobs attractive.
  • Our employees are our most important resource.
  • Our services are not inexpensive, but they are worth their price.
  • Only together can we achieve our maximum performance.
  • Our structures are simple and efficient.
  • High quality in service requires taking pride in your own work, taking responsibility and using your own mind proactively.